V-Wire Screen


Our production capabilities enable this metallic structure to be manufactured in form of a single piece constructed cylinder. Moreover, our skills, qualifications and industrial equipment enable us to work on and adapt our to the different configurations (e.g.: Flat panels, conical shapes) and diameters (Multi sections) required by our customers



Life-time: up to 3 Years

Self reinforced

Designed for elements larger than 30 μ                                           

Materials: Different Grades of Stainless Steels.

Duplex Steels, Alloy and High Alloy Steels This type is one of the pioneers of metallic filter elements due to its high mechanical strength achieved by integrated structure of filtration Wires beside perpendicular support Rods and the minimal clogging between all metallic elements which leads to same pressure loss as other elements in much longer duration of operating. All advantages mentioned above,make this element the one with the highest operating life among metallic elements. However, the range of filtration is limited to particles larger than 30 μ.